KASK Zenith Combo

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Combination kit with Kask Zenith HI VIZ closed safety helmet, low-profile SC2 Ear Muffs, Zen MM Visor Kit metal mesh visor with EasyClick quick-release fasteners, and Zen FF Visor Peak cap.

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KASK Zenith Combo

Combination kit with Kask Zenith HI VIZ closed safety helmet, low-profile SC2 Ear Muffs, Zen MM Visor Kit metal mesh visor with EasyClick quick-release fasteners, and Zen FF Visor Peak cap. Recommended for eg. forestry use, forest and wood industry, arborists, etc. Since the helmet has electrical certification, a optional full face visor with arc protection can also be attached to the metal mesh visor's place for jobs where arc protection is needed. 
Attenuation level for SC2 Ear Muffs: SNR 28. H = 31, M = 27, L = 19. Easy to attach and remove without tools. Recommended choice for conditions with medium or loud noise, eg for the construction industry, the forest industry, production facilities, agriculture, etc. An universal model covering majority the most common hearing protection needs. The best choice for conditions with a high frequency noise. 
The curved design of the metal mesh visor provides a wide field of view, and the close to the face mesh makes the use pleasant. The visor has quick-release adapters, which make attaching and deataching from the helmet instant and tool-free. 
Product information of the helmet: 
Very light, only 400 g, closed safety helmet with multi-point chin strap, featured with factory-installed reflective stickers and glow-in-the-dark headlamp holders. An ergonomic model that offers excellent fit, comfort and easy accessory connectivity. A recommended choice for electrical work. Can be adjusted with just one hand. Pre-installed marking sticker on the back for the user's name and telephone number.  
Designed for industry, construction, electrical and energy industry etc.  
The comb structure inside the helmet offers significantly better shock-absorption than a traditional string structure and the airchannels between the inner and outer shell improve the comfort of use. Easy to attach various eye and face protection. Integrated and exceptionally easy to use brackets for attaching a headlamp with a headband. In the rear brackets, an additional groove for carrying earplugs with a string, easily accessible and ready for use. Ear muff mounts on the sides.  
Strap system offers comfort and ease of use even in the most difficult working positions. The chin strap has an eco-leather, hypoallergenic and washable cover that provides exceptional comfort and prevents skin irritation. Innovative Up & Down 2.0 back construction, which allows the headband to shape perfectly in the neck area according to the shape of the head. A central ratchet wheel in the back and two lateral finger-push winglets allow rapid and exact adjustment of the size, range of 53-63cm. Precise adjustment also in terms of height and inclination allow correct positioning and ultimate fit of the helmet. The helmet does not have a peak which hinders work, restricts sight and strains necks nor a wide edge which might cling to structures. Chin strap includes special Ring To Hook loop which allows the helmet to be connected to the harness or workwear when not in use. Cushions are made of high-tech 3DRY material for maximum comfort and fresness, transfers moisture efficiently and dries very quickly. Headband front cushion easily removable and washable.  
Kask helmets are easily compatible with various other protective equipment. Recommended choices e.g. GVS Elipse half mask respirators and Bollé Safety eye protection.  
Tested to protect the head according to the following test methods:  
 Mandatory requirements of EN 397:  
5.1.1. Shock absorption by a single falling object (5 kg at a height of 1 m)  
5.1.2. Single object penetrating the helmet  
5.1.3. Flame resistance  
5.1.4. For the opening of the chin strap, 15 daN (kg) of jerk shall be retained and no more than 25 daN (kg) of jerk shall be released  
Optional requirements of EN 397:  
5.2.1. Protection against cold temperatures (-30 C)  
5.2.4. Side compression protection  
5.2.5. Protection against molten metal splashes  
Mandatory requirements of EN 50365:  
Suitable for voltage work according to EN 50365 class 0 standard (1000 V A.C, 1500 V D.C)  
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