e-breathe Multimask Pro 2nd Gen Face Schield, Foam

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e-breathe Multimask Pro 2nd Gen Face Schield, Foam

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e-breathe Multimask Pro 2nd Gen Face Schield, Foam

The innovative concept of the e-breathe Multimask Pro is based on a modular developed and ventilated face shield, which can
be operated with an air source (powered air-purifying respirator (PAPR) or compressed air). In combination with an air source
the Multimask Pro represents a respiratory protection system. The air source builds up a constant overpressure in the head
section, which prevents harmful substances from reaching the user.

During development, we took up optimization requests from users and integrated them into a new concept for respiratory
protection devices. The result convinces by its functionality and comfort.

The Multimask Pro is designed to serve a wide range of applications. A broad range of matching accessories ensures high
functionality and comfort. The lightweight mask frame is the basic unit and is identical for each version. Thus, the mask can be
assembled for the respective target application, like in a modular principle, and thus be adapted exactly to the user‘s needs.

The functional design can do much more than is apparent at first glance:
The upper part of the frame is designed to make it easy to combine the Multimask with other personal protective equipment,
such as a standard industrial helmet and/or hearing protectors.

The Multimask is equipped with an anti-fog coated cellulose actetate visor on both sides for a permanently clear view. The
visor is characterised by a particularly wide all-round view. Depending on the area of application, different visors are available
for the user: temperature, heat or chemical resistant. The shape of the mask frame prevents the mask from being accidentally
placed on the visor. The field of vision thus remains protected from unnecessary scratches.

Another advantage of the Multimask is its very easy handling. All mask components such as headgear, visor and face seal can
be replaced without tools. The mask can thus be quickly and easily disassembled, cleaned and serviced after use.
In addition, the Multimask also scores in terms of wearing comfort. The face seals ensure a secure and comfortable fit. The new
second generation face seals have an improved fit and a click-in system for easier and faster mounting. Different face seals
made of different materials are available, which can be individually adapted to the user‘s needs.

The Multimask Pro combines breathing, face, hearing and head protection all in one.

Country of Production:   Germany  
Approvals:   Multimask / Pro CE certified according to EN 12941  
Air source:   PM Proflow 2 SC / EX 160  
Protection Class / NPF:   TH3 / 500 & TH2 / 50  
Airflow:   160 l/min  
Hose Connection:   Vario & MM  
Eye Protection:   EN 166 Klasse B  
Operating temperature:   -10°C bis +40°C <70% RH  
Weight Headpiece:   360g  
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